So This Happened: Beverly Hills Cops Wrongfully Arrest Black TV Producer After Assuming He Robbed Bank (PHOTOS)

Wow. That is all I can say, in the midst of all the controversy, as an officer of the law, I would take my job a lot more serious now. Also, Police Departments, quit with excuses, we need some accountability.

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So this happened…

Amid national conversations regarding police discrimination in the wake of Michael Brown’s death, an incident in California is shining even more light on how exhausting it is to be a “Black Man Walking.”

On August 22, award-winning black television producer Charles Belk was wrongfully arrested while trying to pay a parking meter and held for six hours by Beverly Hills police. Their reason? Belk “fit the description” of a black bank robber in the area.

You know, with his black skin and all.

The 51-year-old Harvard graduate, who is a walking example of how respectability politics won’t save you if you’re a black man or woman, was preparing to attend an Emmy’s pre-party on Friday when his basic civil rights were infringed upon.

He penned a post on Facebook about his experience:


It’s one of those things that you hear about, but…

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