Bangladesh makes world’s biggest human flag

Bangladesh makes world’s biggest human flag

I had the privilege last year on December 16, 2013, Bangladesh’s Victory Day to attend the Dhaka’s National Parade ground, where 27,117 Bangladeshi students and armed forces held up red and green placards to create the World’s largest human flag. The flag is the Bangladeshi national symbol which was hoisted up during their claim to independence from Pakistan on December 16, 1971, after a nine-month war that left over 300,000 women raped and  3 million people dead, at the hand of the Pakistani Armed Forces and collaborators (rajakars).

Many people criticized the government for organizing the attempt at the record. At the time the elections were a month away as the incumbent party, the Awami League, decided to go forward with the elections despite the opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, boycotting the elections out of protest for the removal of a caretaker government, which had been utilized in previous elections to keep them fair. As a result of the large disagreement between the parties, there was constant violence and instability throughout the country.

There is always a plethora of things going on in Bangladesh. The main current events are still the fight between AL and BNP, unregulated garment sector, the controversial International Crimes Tribunal for the war criminals during the 1971 Liberation war, crimes against ethnic and religious minorities, overall corruption of government and bureaucracy, Islamic fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, gang-rape, the list goes on.

There a lot of problems in the country which I aim to address in the future, but when I was living in Dhaka, I also reconnected with my roots, my culture, and my father’s tongue. I saw the beauty in the country that my family spoke about. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, the struggle is real, but Bangladeshis are some on the nicest people in the world. I was excited as every individual that participated in the record breaking attempt, because I too have pride for my Bangladeshi ancestry, and any triumph is a triumph. We gotta celebrate every victory, so enjoy the video, it was thrown together quick, but if you weren’t there I hope it gives a little glimpse into what 30,000 Bangladeshis look like.




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