Aziz Ansari Is Thankful Racist People Are Dying Off

Aziz Ansari, top comedians in the game, it is not a fluke.Aziz Ansari Is Thankful Racist People Are Dying Off

I am plugging Aziz Ansari like no other! Another vulgarly profound short brown man like myself, I swear we are brothers from another mother. If you haven’t yet noticed, Aziz has a great comedic and social prowess. I recently watched his recent Netflix comedy special “Buried Alive”. He tackles dating in the era of social media, gay marriage, children, and racism. This American comedian, not “Indian American” comedian is doing his thing and I recommend you check him out.

Meanwhile take a quick laugh at this clip of Aziz Ansari over at Conan’s addressing racism and Miss USA being of South Asian descent.


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Am I the born evidence of a sin, the mistake of two races coming together to start their own kind? I’m the product of interracial love, two individuals from opposite sides of the worlds that made me. I exist in a world coming to terms with the fact that two elements can come together and make a beautiful being. No true identity, but the one I write for myself. F*ck everybody, I’m doing this for the ones who live in ambiguity or are intellectual enough to see it. The ones who can’t find themselves in a world full of dichotomy which position us in a polar world. I AM.

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