India’s unfair obsession with lighter skin

India’s unfair obsession with lighter skin

This article in the The Guardian on India’s obsession with lighter skin is the same problem. I am always angered by the fact that South Asians try to be lighter. Even those who are as dark or even darker than African and African Americans try to distance themselves. It is the fact that South Asians try to distant themselves from African and African Americans so that they are not at the bottom of the racial hierarchy.


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Am I the born evidence of a sin, the mistake of two races coming together to start their own kind? I’m the product of interracial love, two individuals from opposite sides of the worlds that made me. I exist in a world coming to terms with the fact that two elements can come together and make a beautiful being. No true identity, but the one I write for myself. F*ck everybody, I’m doing this for the ones who live in ambiguity or are intellectual enough to see it. The ones who can’t find themselves in a world full of dichotomy which position us in a polar world. I AM.

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