Adnan Khan is a producer for NowThis News, where he covers news across the globe and produces and edits stories on South Asia, climate change, religion, politics, food, and culture.

Khan started at NowThis News on the day after his birthday in 2018 as a breaking news producer for Snapchat Breaking News. In his time at NowThis News, he has covered everything from the Kavanaugh Hearing to the 2018 United States elections, the New Zealand Mosque Shootings, and the 2020 United States presidential election. 

Before coming to NowThis News, Khan worked as a freelancer and on staff at various publications and websites. He has contributed to VICE News, NowThis News, Reuters, CNN, Business Insider, and the Project NZ. He has covered the Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse, the Rohingya Refugee crisis, and Bangladesh 2014 general election, considered the most violent in history. For years, he blogged about mindfulness, mental health, and meditation for is social media brand khancious.

Khan received a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in political science, and a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is also a certified personal trainer for his brand Bagha Fit, where he encourages mindfulness through movement and healthy lifestyles. 

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