I Wanted Columbia So Bad, I Didn’t Have a Plan B.

For many, the fear of losing what you have and the unknown would stop a person from turning their totally life upside down just to have to rebuild it over again, but when you feel in your heart with utmost passion and belief that your existence is valuable and there is a greater purpose, you make that decision.

Bangladesh makes world’s biggest human flag

Bangladesh makes world's biggest human flag I had the privilege last year on December 16, 2013, Bangladesh's Victory Day to attend the Dhaka's National Parade ground, where 27,117 Bangladeshi students and armed forces held up red and green placards to create the World's largest human flag. The flag is the Bangladeshi national symbol which was... Continue Reading →

One Helmet, Motorcycle Passengers in Bangladesh

In the United States my favorite way to get around is by motorcycle. I cut through southern California traffic and get to my destination easily. I take the precaution of wearing denim pants, ankle protecting shoes, a padded jacket, riding gloves, and most importantly a certified helmet. My wife has her own gear for riding... Continue Reading →

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